Growing success

Kevin Sorgiovanni’s agricultural roots run deep. “Our family has had a long history in agriculture,” he says. From citrus groves they expanded into dairy processing before venturing into wine, now a mainstay.

“After the sale of the family fruit juice and dairy business, Harvey Fresh, in 2014, I continued to focus on my wine business,” Kevin adds.

With the shift from multiple industries to focusing exclusively on the wine business, Harvey River Estate and Fishbone Wines in Margaret River, Kevin engaged Sam Acquaviva from MGI Parkinson.

While he had the experience and acumen to grow successful businesses — the dairy business was sold to a large corporate — Kevin wanted to ensure he optimised his financial and tax positioning for the long-term benefit of his family.

Looking back to strengthen the future

That’s where Sam came in. In reviewing financials, Sam noticed that the business had not claimed a significant amount of tax rebates they were entitled to over a number of years. Although Kevin and his family no longer owned the company, MGI Parkinson successfully claimed back all of the rebates, putting Kevin in a strong position to continue moving forward.

“Sam identified a missed opportunity and then applied not only the technical expertise to the area of the law but also his commercial know-how in dealing with the new ,” Kevin says.

MGI Parkinson also guided Kevin in establishing the correct entities to improve their financial and tax management.

“The plan that MGI Parkinson implemented placed the business into a position to manage the tax outcome in favour of our business,” says Kevin, adding: “After working together for four years, Sam is a vital part of our team and someone who we continue to turn to for advice and guidance.”

Just as the vines are tended to, so is the long-term financial positioning of Harvey River Estate and Fishbone Wines, thanks to ongoing support from MGI Parkinson.

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